Instagram testing new ‘Repost’ button: All you need to know

Instagram will soon let you repost other users’ posts just like the ability to reshare stories. Reposts will allow users to send posts they want to share with their followers directly to their home feeds, instead of sharing shortcuts to these posts on their story.

Reposts would also stick around for as long as you wanted in your profile, unlike story that expires in 24 hours. Social Media analyst Matt Navarra spotted the feature and in a tweet, also reveals that Instagram profiles will also get a ‘Reposts’ tab, where user will be able to check all reposts from a particular user.

The option to repost a post will be found in its share menu, and while sharing a repost, users may also be able to add their own thoughts, similar to the quote tweet feature on Twitter, although this isn’t confirmed yet.

The platform is expected to test the feature soon with a limited number of users, which means it could be a while before you see reposts as a stable feature on most phones.

In other news, Instagram is also set to drastically scale back its shopping features as the platforms shifts focus to e-commerce efforts that directly drive advertising. Instagram’s internal staff was also alerted of the change.

The Instagram shopping page will soon disappear and a simpler, less personalised version of the page will be tested soon. The page is reportedly called ‘Tab Lite’ internally.